From today's e-mail bag, an announce meetup of a new ODSC Atlanta group

The focus of this meetup group is to present informative lectures, hands-on tutorials, and networking events to help grow the use of open source languages and tools within the data science and data-centric community. As such our specific goals are:

  1. Host data science talks specific to our goals 
  2. Promote the use of open source languages and tools amongst data scientists and others. 
  3. Host educational workshops
  4. Spread awareness of new open source languages and tools that can be used in data science 
  5. Contribute back to the open source community

Who is this meetup for? 

  • Data engineers, analysts, scientists, and other practitioners
  • R, Python and other software engineers who work with data
  • Data visualization developers and designers 
  • Non-technical team leaders, executives and other decision makes from data centric startup and companies looking to utilize open source

How can you get involved?

  • Attending events, network and precipitate! 
  • Give a talk or workshop that meets our goals
  • Volunteer to help the group (social media, website, blogging) 
  • Provide us with a venue 
  • Sponsor food and beer.