Not just Hadoop, but other big data and cloud technologies, such as HBase, Hypertable, PIG, etc. Looks like they meet at various places around town, at various and sundry times. As the dictionary described a pookah in Harvey: it appears now and then, here and there, to this one and that one. Subscribe to the meetup and get informed.

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Events - Big Data ATL

Events - Big Data ATL
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    Data Visualization Best Practices by Rebeca Pop
    Abstract: Do you want to create more effective graphs? Do you want to learn how to better incorporate data storytelling into your reports and presentations? Visualizing data can help communicate complex information simply and with clarity - a skill that is vital for anyone working with data. Join this talk to learn about data storytelling, how to declutter your graphs, and how to think outside the box when choosing a chart.

    Presto: SQL on Anything & Anywhere by Cole Fraser
    Abstract: Presto, an open source distributed SQL engine, is widely recognized for its low-latency queries, high concurrency, and native ability to query multiple data sources. Proven at scale in a variety of use cases at Airbnb, Comcast, GrubHub, Facebook, FINRA, LinkedIn, Lyft, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber, in the last few years Presto experienced an unprecedented growth in popularity in both on-premises and cloud deployments over Object Stores, HDFS, NoSQL and RDBMS data stores.

    Delta Lake, a storage layer originally invented by Databricks and recently open sourced, brings ACID capabilities to big datasets held in Object Storage. While initially designed for Spark, Delta Lake now supports multiple query compute engines. In particular, Starburst developed a native integration for Presto that leverages Delta-specific performance optimizations.

    In this talk we show Starburst Presto deployed on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) serves as a fast SQL query engine over data in ADLS. Furthermore, Presto enables query-time correlations between IoT data in Delta Lake, customer data in SQL Server, and web log data in Elasticsearch.

    Cole Fraser is a Solutions Architect at Starburst Data. He has a background in Data Analytics with previous roles as a Technical Lead for Teradata & Sales Engineer with Exasol. At Starburst, Cole evangelizes Presto and helps organizations optimize and get the most out of Starburst’s enterprise Presto solution. He is a proud Atlanta native and UGA grad.

    Rebeca Pop is the founder of Vizlogue, a Data Visualization and Storytelling Lab that offers training and consulting services. Vizlogue's mission is to help companies and organizations communicate more effectively with data. Rebeca has delivered presentations to over 1,000 participants all around the world. Her workshops are grounded in a deep understanding of adult learning strategies, and combine hands-on exercises with feedback sessions and real-life examples. Prior to founding Vizlogue, Rebeca spent 3 years teaching data visualization at the University of Chicago and at DePaul University. Teaching gave Rebeca the opportunity to understand this field at a much deeper level and made her realize that she could use her skills to help others elevate their data visualization and storytelling practices.

    Atlanta, - USA

    Tuesday, October 13 at 6:15 PM