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Events - Atlanta Hadoop Users Group
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    Hadoop and its ancillary tools have become so mature that all the tools needed to make this platform PCI Compliant are available. The talk will touch on PCI requirements and how to map that to tools and processes that supports it. There are also different approaches from a PCI-driven architecture perspective that provides different kinds of trade-offs - 1) Simplicity, 2) Performance, 3) Auditability. 

    Speaker Bio:
    Rommel Garcia is the Security Subject Matter Expert Lead at Hortonworks. He has done a lot of work in helping financial and other organizations establish compliance with commercially or federally mandated regulations like PCI. Rommel is also an organizer of AHUG and a nationally recognized speaker.

    This presentation needs a location.

    Dunwoody, GA - USA

    Wednesday, April 26 at 7:00 PM