lindsay_smallThe long-time orgainzer of the Atlanta Unix Users' Group, Lindsay Cleveland was given a standing ovation of appreciation at the August 1, 2011 meeting. Lindsay has taken early retirement from Cisco as of last month. He and his wife are looking at moving to east Texas in the near future. Since the 1st Monday of the month falls on Labor Day in September, this was the last meeting that Lindsay was guaranteed to be attending. AUUG's first meeting was in March of 1985 and Lindsay's done a yoeman's job of keeping it running ever since.

When Lindsay's move to Texas is complete, he'll receive a plaque that reads:

Presented In Appreciation to
Lindsay Cleveland
August 1st, 2011

In recognition of three decades of generous support, patient mentoring
and tireless work to promote technical excellence and
professional development

and in small token to convey our deepest thanks and warmest regards

from the past and present members of the Atlanta Unix Users' Group
and Unix System Administrators in the Atlanta Area.