OWASP Atlanta is a local meetup that uses the framework from the Open Web Application Security Project, a well-known tool of security practitioners. The group has presentations about web and mobile development security.

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Events - OWASP Atlanta

Events - OWASP Atlanta
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    With the growing use of open source code components comes an increase in vulnerable entry-points for cyber criminals to exploit. But this shouldn’t be a deterrent to using open source components, rather, it should be a catalyst for understanding how to integrate security into your development process.

    Join Mark Curphey, founder of OWASP and VP of Strategy at Veracode, as we bring you a night of food, drinks, and a great discussion surrounding:

    Best practices around open source component use
    Why open source code poses such a risk
    Common open source myths, and much more
    We can’t wait to see you at this interactive networking event! Don’t miss the chance to collaborate with your peers and ask our panel of subject matter experts the tough questions you’ve got on your mind.

    Sandy Springs, GA 30342 - USA

    Tuesday, February 26 at 6:00 PM