OWASP Atlanta is a local meetup that uses the framework from the Open Web Application Security Project, a well-known tool of security practitioners. The group has presentations about web and mobile development security.

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Events - OWASP Atlanta
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    ABSTRACT: Five years ago Neil Bergman disclosed the ability to execute arbitrary code in Android WebViews through Javascript Interfaces. Since then this vulnerability has been patched and minimal research has surfaced about additional problems with Javascript Interfaces.

    This talk is to serve as a (re)introduction into Javascript Interfaces and the Android Browsers that use them. We will discuss how they are implemented, their per-browser functionality, and the security problems that comes with them.

    We will also dive into a generic methodology for developing your own toolset and processes for analyzing Javascript Interfaces in Android Browsers, along with some details around vulnerability research and exploit development.

    SPEAKER: Benjamin Watson is Director of Security Research at VerSprite. VerSprite is a global security consulting firm focused tailored security service. Ben leads the firm's technical security group to research custom exploits in mobile, web, and embedded applications.

    Alpharetta , GA - USA

    Thursday, December 7 at 6:30 PM