BuildLabAlpha is a makerspace in Alpharetta. 1320 Union Hill Industrial Court. I saw them at the Atlanta MiniMaker Faire. Their membership is competitive: $99/month at present. Check them out. 

BuildLabAlpha News


  • We’re working on a CNC router for a customer who has an engraving process that they would like automated.  Currently they engrave by hand and it’s very labor intensive…there is a better way!  Here are some shots of the machine progressing: … Continue reading
  • I’ve been needing a low voltage, high current power supply lately for a couple of projects I’m working on (I can’t post about all my projects because some of them are proprietary for paying customers). I was looking for not … Continue reading
  • We’re making things now with the laser cutter. The software toolchain I’ve been using is all free: Draftsight (exactly like AutoCAD but free, 2D only, fine for laser cutting patterns)->Inkscape (vector graphics editing)->CamBam (CAM software)->CNC G Code Controller (RepRap/Marlin controller). Some … Continue reading
  • Now we’re cooking with gas!…or rather lasing with a mixture of CO2, Nitrogen, and Helium.Filed under: Project updates
  • We got the laser up and burning this Friday. We are getting very close to joining it with the XY Table to create amazing etched / burned art work. Check out the details here… CO2 LaserFiled under: Project updates