Decatur has a MakerSpace off of Ponce. See their Decatur Makers Website, which is nicely done. As of this writing, it looks like they're still in build-out, but we'll be keeping an eye on them.

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Decatur Makers

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  • Decatur Makers celebrated the National Week of Making by welcoming over 150 visitors to our newly AIR-CONDITIONED space! Our members and guests were treated to some delicious food, and were able to check out some of the things members had made in the space, such as tube guitar amps, giant Jenga, a super-charged paintball cannon, […]

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  • Why build a trebuchet for the Decatur Arts Festival? Because this medieval mechanical thrower is a work of art, to be admired for its design and power. Try hurling a bag of corn toward a target across the Square of Decatur and you’ll understand the creative skills needed to make this contraption… let alone needed to make this contraption […]

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  • There couldn’t be a more perfect example of what’s great about the Decatur Makers than the collaboration in creating our lanterns for the Decatur Lantern Parade.  With 16 white paper lantern canvases in hand, a bunch of makers with a range of skills and interests were inspired to work together and build our buzzing and blooming light show that floated […]

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