One fo the movements sweeping through the Open Hardware world is that of the hackerspace: a place where people can communially work on hardware, sharing tools, resources, expertise and encouragement. In Atlanta we have FreeSide Atlanta. From their Meetup Page:

Freeside Technology Spaces, Inc., a non-profit organization, strives to be the best in providing resources and an environment that encourages research, knowledge exchange, learning, and mentoring in the Atlanta community, through  workshops, collaborative projects,  and other activities that develop and support free and open source software and hardware.

So check out their blog. They also have a wiki.

Upcoming FreeSide Atlanta Meetups

Events - Freeside Atlanta

Events - Freeside Atlanta
  • Freeside Atlanta

    Want to hallucinate in a way that's legal and probably safe? Want to short circuit the path to a meditative state? We're going to build "brain machines". The effects differ slightly by wearer. Most people see bizarre geometric shapes and some people find it a very meditative experience.

    Building them is straight forward. And if you have no experience with electronics, you'll learn how to solder.

    When we're done, you'll have a shiny new brain machine to take home.

    $35, limit 5 people (we have the parts for 5).

    $5, if you bring your own kit (Adafruit).

    If you are not bringing your own kit, please pre-pay by a week in advance to reserve your spot.

    If you are bringing your own kit, let me know. The RSVP limit is only set to 5 because of the number of kits we have available. We can host more than 5 people.

    More details:

    The "Brain Machine" employs binaural tones and flashing LEDs to help you enter a meditative state. The LEDs initially flash at the same frequency as beta waves. After some time, flashes at the frequency of alpha waves are introduced. As time progresses, the beta wave flashes are phased out while theta and delta are ramped up. After some time the sequence is reversed back to beta.

    Meanwhile, headphones play a sine wave into each ear. The sine wave in one ear is out of tune with the other. The combined waves create a pulse that matches the frequency of the pulsing light.

    If you suffer from epilepsy, this might not be a good idea due to the flashing lights.

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Saturday, February 13 at 5:00 PM


    Price: USD 35.00 per person

  • Freeside Atlanta

    Freeside Programming Team is a group about getting together to learn and practice advanced programming techniques with pizza!


    Every meetup we go over different advanced programming topics, IE:

    Sorting Algorithms, Data Structures, Knapsack Problems, Traveling Salesman, Learning Algorithms, Flow Networks, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and whatever else you might be interested in!



    3:00 - 3:30 = Introduce a cool programming topic

    3:30 - 6:30 = Casual Programming Competition!

    7:30 - 7:00 = Review/Present solutions


    This meetup is aimed at new/mid level to expert level programmers to help better everyone’s skills.


    The programming competition  can be done in teams or individually. There will be a set of problems with a full spread of difficulty. The set will also try to help everyone practice the covered topic. Currently we are planning on being able to auto-judge C, C++, Java, Python, and Ruby. (Message us if you have don’t use any of the above and have another language)


    Pizza will be provided for attendees, with a suggested donation of $5 to Freeside Atlanta for hosting the event.

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Sunday, February 14 at 3:00 PM


  • Freeside Atlanta

    We have received a bunch of bio hacking equipment.

    We need to figure out how to make a cool bio lab / chemistry lab out of it.

    This week we are going to be:
    - Testing a couple more toys
    - Figuring out what the glassware is about
    - Going over a plan for mapping building out the lab
    - Whatever else we need to do to get a lab together 

    In general we need to figure out:
    - What kind of stuff can we do with the a bio lab?
    - How much interest is there.
    - What equipment we have is useful and what isn't.
    - What else should we buy to have a great bio lab.

    We got a lot of great ideas about these last week.

    Please come out and help us out.
    Especially if you want to have an awesome space for community bio hacking and chemistry in Atlanta.

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Monday, February 15 at 6:30 PM