One fo the movements sweeping through the Open Hardware world is that of the hackerspace: a place where people can communially work on hardware, sharing tools, resources, expertise and encouragement. In Atlanta we have FreeSide Atlanta. From their Meetup Page:

Freeside Technology Spaces, Inc., a non-profit organization, strives to be the best in providing resources and an environment that encourages research, knowledge exchange, learning, and mentoring in the Atlanta community, through  workshops, collaborative projects,  and other activities that develop and support free and open source software and hardware.

So check out their blog. They also have a wiki.

Upcoming FreeSide Atlanta Meetups

Events - Freeside Atlanta

Events - Freeside Atlanta
  • Freeside Atlanta

    We haven't had a meeting in a while, but several of us who are interested in this stuff and are also Freeside members have been working on the next phase of this Meetup - We're building an open biometrics lab to keep at Freeside and build experiments and projects with.

    The main components that we're currently working on implementing are:

    • Neurosky EEG to Arduino interface.

    • Neurosky to Raspberry Pi interface.

    • Biometrics array research (skin galvanometers, EMGs, eye trackers, and other advanced interfaces)

    • Analysis and archival libraries (Python mostly, for now)

    • OpenVibe research and exploration

    We hope to use this toolkit to build amazing projects and conduct research. We've already had one successful gaze tracking study and Randall has his ongoing sleep study. But we'd like to do LED lighting using EEGs or make a mind-controlled Tesla Coil. It would be cool to pair EEGs with other different interfaces, so we can do gaze tracking and infer levels of concentration, focus, and surprise from EEG data. Or we could use two EEGs and study different kinds or interaction or competition. Mental tug-of-war, anyone?!

    We can do basically any project like this if we can finish the different interfaces needed to do analysis and hardware control with these devices.

    If you'd like to pitch in on the effort and/or add an interface that you'd like to incorporate (Google Glass, Android, DMX controller, etc...) then this Meetup is for you. These meetings will lean a little closer to a work day until we start finishing pieces of the lab. It'll still be a lot of fun and folks that help to build it will have first access to start building AMAZING projects. We're pretty excited!

    You can join our Google group here.

    Directions to the space for first-timers are here -

    See you there!

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Sunday, November 2 at 3:00 PM

    Attending: 12


  • Freeside Atlanta

    It's that time of year again - elections are coming up for President and 4 Director seats on November 4th.

    Board Members are required to be current Freeside members.

    We will elect 3 board members to 1 year terms, and 1 board member to a six month term.

    Can I run for a position in the election?

    All Freeside Members of any status, in good standing are eligible to run for a position in the election. They should nominate themselves for the position. To run for a position, announce your intent to the Secretary directly at

    Who can vote in the election?

    Freeside members in good standing as of Election day.

    What positions will be open to election?

    The President, and the Board positions are open for election. The Secretary and Treasurer positions will be appointed by the BoD.

    How can we vote?

    You can vote in person via secret ballot, or via email. If you wish to vote this way, contact the secretary directly:

    How can I make sure my candidate supports my values?

    Speak up! Reach out to them via Email, the mailing list, the twitters, or at Freeside events! The only limit is yourself!

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Tuesday, November 4 at 6:00 PM

    Attending: 10


  • Freeside Atlanta

    Introduction to how to run the Arduino or a pic controller from any O.S..This meeting will include testing the micro-controllers with basic prototypes.We will then post the images to our web site to begin displaying the levels at which we reach each week.

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Saturday, November 8 at 5:30 PM

    Attending: 2