One fo the movements sweeping through the Open Hardware world is that of the hackerspace: a place where people can communially work on hardware, sharing tools, resources, expertise and encouragement. In Atlanta we have FreeSide Atlanta. From their Meetup Page:

Freeside Technology Spaces, Inc., a non-profit organization, strives to be the best in providing resources and an environment that encourages research, knowledge exchange, learning, and mentoring in the Atlanta community, through  workshops, collaborative projects,  and other activities that develop and support free and open source software and hardware.

So check out their blog. They also have a wiki.

Upcoming FreeSide Atlanta Meetups

Events - Freeside Atlanta

Events - Freeside Atlanta
  • Freeside Atlanta

    Come party with Jud, and install an Arduino IDE, and a driver for the CH340 serial chip on your laptop! Be the first on your block!

    This Meetup is aimed at those who want to take the "Build an LED Cloud" Meetup, but would like some support installing the Arduino Integrated development Environment and the driver for the chip on an Arduino UNO clone that communicates with your laptop.

    But we are open to everyone!

    In addition to getting your IDE and driver installed, attendees will receive a CANDY BAR! Or maybe some CIRCUS PEANUTS!

    = $30 for non-members of Freeside
    = $10 for members of Freeside (please pay full amount and we will refund you the difference.)


    - A laptop computer with WiFi
    - A positive attitude to excel
    - A sense of wonderment and adventure

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Wednesday, October 17 at 6:00 PM


    Price: 30.00 USD

  • Freeside Atlanta

    Got your head in the clouds, or a cloud in your head, thinking about what to do for your next Arduino project?

    Come learn how to make a glowing, color-pulsing LED cloud lamp!

    Some prior Arduino (or other) programming experience would be helpful, but is not required to take this class. You'll go home with your very own glowing cloud to hang on the wall!

    The workshop takes about 3 hours.

    - $60 for non-members of Freeside
    - $30 for members of Freeside (please pay full amount and we will refund you the difference.)

    Price includes: An Arduino Uno clone, an LED strip, and materials needed to build your cloud. You will get to take these home with you!


    - A laptop computer with WiFi

    - An installed copy of the Arduino IDE (it's free) - here's where to get it:

    - An installed driver for the CH340 serial chip - here is a discussion about how to do this:

    PLEASE have the IDE and the driver installed BEFORE the Meetup.

    If you want, you can come to the separate INSTALL PARTY an hour before this Meetup ($30).

    On the other hand, if you come to the Meetup with the IDE and driver installed, YOU will get a CANDY BAR!

    Building on the basics of using an Arduino, this class will move forward, and
    - how to use libraries of code, benefitting from the work of others
    - how to work with the LED strips that will illuminate your cloud
    - how addressable RGB LED's work, and how the library we will use controls them
    - circuit design to allow an Arduino to control something it is not actually powering.

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Wednesday, October 17 at 7:00 PM


    Price: 60.00 USD

  • Freeside Atlanta

    Join us at our monthly CryptoParty gathering! What is a CryptoParty? For more information, check this out:

    It's an informal, non-commercial gathering where folks can discuss select topics in privacy, information security and technology.

    Some of these topics include:

    Anonymity: is pure anonymity possible in the Brave New World?

    Browser Security: setting tweaks, hacks, considerations

    Countersurveillance: techniques to baffle and thwart your adversaries

    Dead Drops: USB and otherwise

    Encryption: for email and hard drives

    Internet Cash Schemes: bitcoin, advantages and disadvantages

    Steganography: hidden messages in plain sight

    Symbolic Communication: a public post of red flowers means...

    Virtual Private Networks: how do you use one and how effective are they?

    Whistleblowing: considerations when leaking sensitive information

    If you're at all the least bit concerned about the government scooping up all your internet activity to build a detailed dossier on you and kept on file indefinitely ready to use whenever you get labeled a "terrorist" - then CryptoParty is for you.

    Please consider a $5 donation towards our internet and legal defense fund!

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Thursday, October 18 at 8:00 PM