The glue that holds Google together used to be Python, but it looks like that's shifting to Go. From the GO User Group Atlanta page:

Go Users Group Atlanta is a meeting place for people interested in developing and promoting the local Go development community.

Many of us hang out in #golang on Tech404



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Events - Go User Group Atlanta

Events - Go User Group Atlanta
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    6:15 - Start and wait for people to join
    6:30 - Presentation

    Presentation: Generics Draft Proposal Review by Bill Kennedy of Ardan Labs

    With the release of the new draft proposal for generics, Go. inches closer to having a version of generics in the language. It's important that the community as a whole agrees this new language feature feels like Go and will add value to the language and the applications we build.

    In this talk, Bill Kennedy will review the major aspects of the draft proposal with code samples. He will spend time teaching different aspects of the new syntax and show how generics can help make Go programs more readable when it's reasonable and practical to use generics. After the presentation will ask questions to the group to get feedback and opinions.

    Atlanta, - USA

    Thursday, October 8 at 6:30 PM