HTML is the language of the web. For years is was stagnant, but the whatwg group finally kicked the W3C into action. Now everybody's getting on the HTML5 bandwagon. We have the Atlanta HTML5 User Group Meetup, which seems to be going well. They meet at the new Matrix location.

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Events - Atlanta HTML5 User Group

Events - Atlanta HTML5 User Group
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    KeystoneJS is a relatively new CMS that allows js developers to quickly implement a solution using a tech stack they feel comfortable with. Imagine that you could drop your wordpress site and use a full stack CMS that uses modern web frameworks and a nodejs back end to swap out PHP for javascript. If you have been developing javascript applications, you can use the following familiar tools: nodejs, express, mongo, yeoman (with bootstrap generators as well as support for LESS), and your favorite templating engine - handlebars, jade, mustache. We'll cover everything from setup, implementation and deployment.

    Presenter Bio:
    ANDREW ZUERCHER @bahzuercher
    Full-stack developer at Make And Build.

    Atlanta, GA 30341 - USA

    Wednesday, January 14 at 6:30 PM

    Attending: 33