HTML is the language of the web. For years is was stagnant, but the whatwg group finally kicked the W3C into action. Now everybody's getting on the HTML5 bandwagon. We have the Atlanta HTML5 User Group Meetup, which seems to be going well. They meet at the new Matrix location.

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Events - Atlanta HTML5 User Group

Events - Atlanta HTML5 User Group
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    As we gear up for the holidays, why not come and see how to make your own techy-geeky-gifts? For the December meetup, we'll be diving into this fun filled session on The Internet of Things, hand-crafted goods, and cats. Presented by Chris Aquino and Brandy Porter of the Big Nerd Ranch. 

    Topic: Crafty Bits 
    Technology: JavaScript, Node, Raspberry-Pis, and cats
    Presenter bios

    Brandy Porter - VP of Engineering 
    Chris Aquino - As Director of Front-End Engineering, Chris Aquino leads Big Nerd Ranch’s web team, which specializes in cross-platform app development and training for Open Web technologies.

    This meetup hosted and sponsored by the great folks over at eHire!

    6:30-7:00 Food
    7:00-8:00 Main Presentation
    8:00-? Networking at a local bar!

    Atlanta, GA 30326 - USA

    Wednesday, December 9 at 6:30 PM