HTML is the language of the web. For years is was stagnant, but the whatwg group finally kicked the W3C into action. Now everybody's getting on the HTML5 bandwagon. We have the Atlanta HTML5 User Group Meetup, which seems to be going well. They meet at the new Matrix location.

HTML5 User Group

Events - Atlanta HTML5 User Group

Events - Atlanta HTML5 User Group
  • Atlanta HTML5 User Group

    The July meetup is around the corner! Food at 6:30, main presentation at 7:00.

    Description: Most of the web development industry's focus on responsive user interface design has to do with presenting flashy, esthetically pleasing web pages to the average end user. But what about the every day interfaces that web admins work in? How can we use responsive web design and mobile interface patterns to drive efficient administration of web applications?

    Blake Callens will walk through the design patterns that make up the best modern admin interfaces, and show how popular web libraries like Bootstrap and AngularJS can be used to power them.

    Presenter:Blake Callens is co-founder and CEO of PencilBlue, the only enterprise grade, open source CMS for Node.js. A veteran of the interactive marketing scene, he is an expert on using emerging technology to tell engaging brand stories that drive revenue. Blake is a DEMOgod and Webby award winner, and writes and speaks regularly on the subjects of software startups and UI/UX development.

    Atlanta, GA - USA

    Thursday, July 16 at 6:30 PM

    Attending: 73