In the Mid-'70s in the hallowed halls of Bell Labs they developed Unix, C, and a lot of cool things. One of these was the S statistical programming language. Its modern implementations are S-plus and R.

R is an open source programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical visualization. While most commonly used within academia, in fields such as computational biology and applied statistics, it is rapidly gaining currency in commercial areas such as quantitative finance and business intelligence.

Among R's strengths as a language are its powerful built-in tools for inferential statistics, its compact modeling syntax, its data visualization capabilities, and its ease of connectivity with persistent data stores (from databases to flatfiles).

In addition, R is open source nature and extensible via add-on "packages" allowing it to keep up with the leading edge in academic research. For all its strengths, though, R has an admittedly steep learning curve; the first steps towards learning and using R can be challenging.

The Atlanta R Users Group is dedicated to bringing together area practitioners of R to exchange knowledge, inspire new users, and spur the adoption of R for innovative research and commercial applications.

They seem to have meetings by fits and starts, but check out their Meetup Page nonetheless.

Upcoming R Users' Group Events

Events - Atlanta R Users Group

Events - Atlanta R Users Group
  • Atlanta R Users Group

    This talk is produced by the Atlanta Microsoft BI Users' Group, but the R Users Group members are invited to attend.

    Please also RSVP at http://atlantabi.pass... if you plan to eat.

    SQL Server 2017 introduces Machine Learning Services with two independent technologies: R and Python. (Though this presentation has also Python, there will be plenty of material on R and how R is operationalized with SQL Server.) The purpose of this presentation is 1) to describe major features of this technology for technology managers; 2) to outline use cases for architects; and 3) to provide demos for developers and data scientists.

    At the end of the talk we will have a giveaway drawing including some R tshirts.

    NOTE: Please bring your parking ticket in -- you will need to have the guard validate it so you may park for free in the parking deck.

    Reading for the advanced attendee:


    Mark Tabladillo Ph.D. is Lead Data Scientist for Microsoft Services: Data and Artificial Intelligence, Center of Excellence. He has been a team organizer for the Atlanta Microsoft Business Intelligence users' group for years, and has been involved in Atlanta's technical community for almost 20 years. He earned his doctorate from Georgia Tech, and connects with people on LinkedIn and Twitter @marktabnet.

    Dunwoody, GA 30346 - USA

    Monday, July 31 at 6:30 PM