This WordPress Group meets in Marietta. From their Meetup Page:

A monthly Meetup, typically held on the third Thursday of each month, discussing the intersection of WordPress and social media. We'll spend 20-30 minutes presenting the latest topic and giving you hands-on ideas to incorporate, and the rest of the time will be spent working with each other on the daily topic or any other WordPress or social media issue that you might have.

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Events - A Brighter Web

Events - A Brighter Web
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    In United States, at least 12% of the population has some form of disability. Worldwide, 20% of the population is disabled. To equate it to potential number of visitors, it would be one in five visitors that come to your website may be disabled. Additionally with aging Baby Boomers, and let’s not forget, Generation X with “changing abilities” due to aging, your website may have barriers. With that said, Usability and user experience design significantly overlap with accessibility when “specified users” includes “people with a range of disabilities” and “specified context of use” includes accessibility considerations such as assistive technologies.

    The Meetup is free because of our awesome sponsors, however we ask you to please RSVP so we can save a space for you.

    Be sure to bring your laptop if possible, and you're welcome to bring your own lunch if you'd like.

    Note on parking: The building next door to IgniteHQ has been sold, and people can only park directly beside and behind the IgniteHQ building. If you part against the other building, you may get towed. If there aren't any spots left, there is a public lot for $5 a block away at the intersection of Waddell and Anderson.

    Marietta 30060 - USA

    Thursday, October 18 at 11:30 AM