This WordPress Group meets in Marietta. From their Meetup Page:

A monthly Meetup, typically held on the third Thursday of each month, discussing the intersection of WordPress and social media. We'll spend 20-30 minutes presenting the latest topic and giving you hands-on ideas to incorporate, and the rest of the time will be spent working with each other on the daily topic or any other WordPress or social media issue that you might have.

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Events - All Things WordPress - N. Atlanta Group

Events - All Things WordPress - N. Atlanta Group
  • All Things WordPress - N. Atlanta Group

    During this session, Garrett Rappaport from Sideways8 will be using a wrapper his team developed to create the WP Customizer.  

    He'll be showing you how to configure the wrapper in a theme, how to create theme options, and how to display them on the front end.

    See you there!

    Marietta, GA - USA

    Thursday, April 6 at 11:30 AM


  • All Things WordPress - N. Atlanta Group

    Details coming soon!

    Marietta, GA - USA

    Thursday, May 4 at 11:30 AM


  • All Things WordPress - N. Atlanta Group

    The more we know about each other, the more we can help each other - and ourselves - grow the businesses we want. 

    Most of us would like to know who we can refer prospects to when they're not a good fit for us. Some of us would like to have "partners" to work with on certain parts of projects. And some of us are looking for more work. 

    Let’s get to know each other’s skill sets and levels of expertise better - it can only make us all stronger! 

    Come prepared to answer (very succinctly) these questions:

    What's the main thing you do? (design, development, copywriting, seo, social media, etc)
    What other things do you do?
    What types of work do you refer or subcontract?
    Do you prefer piecework, or start-to-finish projects?
    Are you willing to white-label your services?
    What's your base hourly rate?
    Are you currently looking for new projects?
    Are you currently looking for people to hire, refer or subcontract to?

    And, of course, bring some business cards!

    Marietta, GA - USA

    Thursday, June 1 at 11:30 AM