Asterisk is the open-source telephone private branch exchange (PBX) software sponsored by the Digium folks over in Huntsville. It has remarkable functionality and flexibility. But configuring the infamous dialplan file can be daunting. The Atlanta Asterisk Users' Group helps newbie and pro alike to get the most out of Asterisk. The meet at Noble Systems on Ashford-Dunwoody road. See their website at:

Asterisk Meetups

Events - The Atlanta Asterisk Users Group

Events - The Atlanta Asterisk Users Group
  • The Atlanta Asterisk Users Group

    We are meeting at Manuels Tavern in the Eagles Nest. If entering from the front, go left, then all the way back. Free parking is available. Manuel's just reopened, food and beer is great and for purchase. 

    If anyone else would be interested in speaking, please be in touch! See you there!


    6:30pm: Pre meeting discussion, food, and drinks 

    7:00pm: Gregory James Jennings presents Asterisk in the Cloud

    8:00pm: After meetup discussion

    Atlanta, GA 30312 - USA

    Tuesday, August 30 at 6:30 PM