The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group

The local Scala community has formed a group, the Atlanta Scala Meetup Group looks like they generally meet about the first Thursday of the month, but check the site, as it sometimes varies.

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Events - The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group

Events - The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group
  • The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group

    As promised, let's get together for a Scala Happy Hour. We'll start out in the Sandy Springs area of town for this first one - Taco Mac at The Prado. Attendance will be limited to ~ 20 people to start. If we get more interest than that, then I'll probably reach out to the restaurant and make sure that won't be an issue.

    Sandy Springs, GA - USA

    Monday, January 30 at 6:00 PM


  • The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group

    • Meet, greet, socialize. Free food and drinks provided by ThoughtWorks!  

    •  Welcome & Announcements

    • Presentation: "Recursive Typeclasses Through Example" by Thurston Sandberg @ The Weather Company

    • Some words from our host: ThoughtWorks  

    •  Who's Hiring?  

    Directions to ThoughtWorks offices:

    1175 Peachtree Street NE Suite 1400 Atlanta GA

    High-rise at the corner of Peachtree St NE & 14th St

    Transportation and Parking

    ThoughtWorks at Colony Square has and underground parking deck. Public parking is located under the 100 Colony Square building accessible from 14th street or Peachtree Street. Please note that there is a charge for parking in this garage*. From the parking decks, please take escalators to the Food Court Level. Walk past the security desk towards the W Hotel entrance at the end of the mall. Turn right into the corridor just before Moe's.  As we're meeting in the evening, you'll likely need to be buzzed through the glass doors into the elevator bank. Once there, you'll want to take the elevators on the left-hand side to the 14th floor. The ThoughtWorks office entrance will be to the right upon exiting the elevators.

    *Parking at the ThoughtWorks building can be fairly expensive. There are many private lots one or two blocks away that are cheaper. Several visitors opt for the HUGE building at 1375 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 as parking is free in the evenings, but it's about a 10 minute walk.

    ThoughtWorks is also accessible from MARTA via the Arts Center Station which is about a ten minute walk to Colony Square.

    We encourage you to carpool if you're coming with a buddy.​

    About "Recursive Typeclasses Through Example":
    This talk is about combining 3 simple concepts to create a powerful data model for anything that can be represented via scala case classes. By utilizing implicits, typeclasses, and the Shapeless library's HList, we can describe behavior such as SQL statements, json serialization/deserialization, test-data generation, and more, with minimal boilerplate and a succinct syntax.

    About Thurston:
    I'm Thurston Sandberg, a recent graduate of the Georgia Tech Computer Science program, exploring functional programming through my work at The Weather Channel in order to build highly distributed systems. I've been working on a Scala project that uses recursive typeclasses to represent Cassandra CQL statements ( which has been a very interesting journey through the type systems of Scala.

    Atlanta, GA 30309 - USA

    Wednesday, February 15 at 6:00 PM