The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group

The local Scala community has formed a group, the Atlanta Scala Meetup Group looks like they generally meet about the first Thursday of the month, but check the site, as it sometimes varies.

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Events - The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group

Events - The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group
  • The Atlanta Scala Meetup Group

    It's time for another Scala Happy Hour! Apologies for the delay, but I (Matt) bought a house in February, so keeping these Socials going Monthly just hasn't happened yet. Hah.

    We're going to do Decatur this time around. I know that's a longer haul for some of you, but if you haven't been to The Brick Store I guarantee it's well worth the trip - and it's easily accessible from MARTA if you're from the north side and would like to avoid sitting in traffic.

    We're going to meet up for a few hours, talk about software and writing it, and enjoy some good beer. Come out and meet (and drink with) other folks in the Scala community.

    Decatur - null

    Monday, May 1 at 6:30 PM