One fo the movements sweeping through the Open Hardware world is that of the hackerspace: a place where people can communially work on hardware, sharing tools, resources, expertise and encouragement. In Atlanta we have FreeSide Atlanta. From their Meetup Page:

Freeside Technology Spaces, Inc., a non-profit organization, strives to be the best in providing resources and an environment that encourages research, knowledge exchange, learning, and mentoring in the Atlanta community, through  workshops, collaborative projects,  and other activities that develop and support free and open source software and hardware.

So check out their blog. They also have a wiki.

Upcoming FreeSide Atlanta Meetups

Events - Freeside Atlanta

Events - Freeside Atlanta
  • Freeside Atlanta

    Freeside Atlanta is a Nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a space for engineers, programmers, inventors, artists, and lunatics to collaborate. We host this meeting a couple of times a month on Tuesday so that people can check out the space, chat with members of the organization, and get together to plan projects, events, and classes.

    We'll do a quick meeting to introduce everyone, we'll update folks on the progress of projects and equipment in the space, announce classes and events, and occationally feature a 10-20 minute talk by a guest lecturer on an interesting subject. Afterwards, we'll break out into a more informal open house so people can chat, get tours of the space, and check out the cool stuff around the space.

    You can get the gate code by emailing with the subject gatecode

    You can also get a preview of our space by checking out our photo tour page on Meetup.

    Directions -

    The Space is in the Metropolitan Warehouse complex on Metropolitan Pkwy near Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, and you can do one of two things to get to it after entering the gates of the complex -

    1 - Take a right after entering the gate, then your first left, which is the back side of the complex

    2 - To get to the front door, take the first right shown on the map. To get to the auto bay doors, take the second right shown and drive around to the back side of the complex.

    Overview of the warehouse complex directions found on our wiki.

    Street View of the front entrance.

    If you need any help or have a question, just email us at

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Tuesday, September 23 at 7:30 PM

    Attending: 21


  • Freeside Atlanta

    SCHEDULE YOUR OWN ONE-ON-ONE, TWO HOUR SESSION with Paul Firnshild, a professional machinist to learn how to work the lathes, and other equipment in the Freeside shop. DATE AND TIME TO BE DECIDED BY PAUL AND YOURSELF, after making payment here on Meetup.  Contact him at to schedule your session.  Session must be scheduled by OCT-03.

    You will be given a blueprint and written step by step instructions for making the parts in the drawing. You will be given all the instruction and demonstration you need to accomplish each step. By the end of the session you will have made something useful that you can be proud of.

    You will get hands-on experience at the activities below:

    *Measuring with digital and dial calipers 
    *Part layout 
    *Correct use of a hacksaw, cutoff saw and file

    Milling machine techniques: 
    *Using a dial indicator to square the vice 
    *Setting up the digital readout with via edge finder and vice stop 
    *Using parallels 
    *Center drilling, drilling, countersinking, and counterboring 
    *Setting the quill stop 
    *Side milling and end milling 
    *Climb milling 
    *When to use the drill press to your advantage

    Using the lathe: 
    *Correct tool selection, positioning, and setting tool height 
    *Turning precision diameters 
    *Selecting tap drills and tapping on the lathe

    Instructor: Paul Firnschild

    $80/student, $65 for Freeside members* 
    *Adjust your payment on the honor system at checkout

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Friday, September 26 at 8:00 PM

    Attending: 3

    Fee: Price: USD 80.00 per person


  • Freeside Atlanta

    This workshop is an Introduction to Basic Mold Making to be held as a “learn by doing” type class where participants will make a mold of an object, with the goal to be knowledge of how to continue making versus a ‘final object’ result. There will be a demonstration and explanation of the ‘whys’ behind mold making as well as a handout defining basic terms and techniques, followed by participants each making their own mold, a “positive” cast to be taken from that mold in clay. (If desired this positive can be fired to hardness and picked up the next week). Last will be a final explanation of further materials and methods.
    **Participants will learn how to make an Impression Mold and 2-Part Molding will be discussed.
    There will be a variety of appropriate items available to mold, but you can bring an object of your own to try provided it has no undercuts.
    Class size is limited to 10 People (so everyone can have hands on instruction).
    Pre-Registration is Required.
    The gate code and pre-workshop instructions will be emailed 2-days prior.

    There will be 2 more progressive sessions following up on information taught in this class. The second will be on Multiple Part Molds and using Rubber Encasement/Mother Molds, and the Third will discuss Advanced Mold techniques and materials.

    Atlanta, GA 30310 - USA

    Saturday, September 27 at 1:00 PM

    Attending: 7

    Fee: Price: USD 35.00 per person