BuildLabAlpha is a makerspace in Alpharetta. 1320 Union Hill Industrial Court. I saw them at the Atlanta MiniMaker Faire. Their membership is competitive: $99/month at present. Check them out. 

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Making every moment count
  • Before, people work to achieve their dreams of getting a car, a home, or a dream vacation holiday. And a few years back it was not so easy to plan all that especially if you are getting a good salary. Nowadays people can apply for Personal loans to make it all possible. Personal loans literally […]
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  • Getting short of money can be really stressful especially if you need it fast. Emergency expenses such as medical problems, car emergencies, or repairs, can strike when you least expect it. For average-earning employees, this financial issues could mean sleepless nights and inevitable headaches. So, what could be a possible solution? You may opt to […]
  • A credit card is one valuable tool if you know how to manage it.  Nowadays, there are so many choices in card features, perks, and rewards.  Getting the most out of any credit card starts with choosing the one that best suits your needs. Credit cards offer more than a convenient way to pay, and […]
  • Long before we are old enough to carry credit cards ourselves, advertisers make sure we know about the power of plastic. While there are a lot of ad campaign on choosing a credit card, people still need to remember only one thing: credit card is one powerful thing. The most important of these is how […]